Space Cats

Imagine a galactic empire of felines. Who are these space cats and what do they look like? How do they govern themselves, or build ships without opposable thumbs? Where do they even travel, aside from the litter box and the food bowl? Why hasn't their economy collapsed from all the napping?

Every Citizen An Emperor

The empires of old collapse, and a republic is born. But what does it take to be a citizen in their world? Do you smell a dystopia, or did someone open a fresh can of tuna? Join us on a video game and comic book adventure that explores the depth of the feline experience.

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In all its handpainted glory, the comic is freely available online. We hope you will take the time to read it. That's why we wrote it, after all. So why aren't you reading it? I mean like right now. Right. Now. Please get in touch to give us your thoughts using the form at the bottom of the page. Or don't. But do, though. That would be cool!

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